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Digital Regenerative Farming

Making farms more productive and sustainable by quantifying soil carbon with digital farmhands

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Cow in Love

A cow have just a few hours for insemination when is on heat. This system will detect it and tell the farmer on time for insemination. Method: Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, transfer learning, Computer Vision, Machine Learning Tools: Python, Tensorflow, etc

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From small things better things grow

The agriculture industry has always been synonymous with Australia — from beef, wool and dairy exports, to crop production ensuring Australians always have food on the table. Agribusinesses display a formidable amount of resilience through challenges, including during recent bushfires, floods and...

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# Our green urban spaces are important - let's make the most of them Over the COVID-19 situation, and the imminent risk that Climate Change poses to Australia, the impact of public and natural places on the quality life has become evident. Associating benefits such as mental health, temperatur...

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Smart Farming as a Service (SFaaS)

• The driving force behind Smart Farming as a Service for Australian farms is to enable farmers to access cloud hosted modularized Farming application leveraging the spectrum of “Internet of Things”. • The core objective of this solution is to provide a unique platform by connecting smart devic...

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Get more from less

##Background Between 2021 and 2100, the human population is expected to increase 38% from 7.9 Billion to 10.9 Billion. At the same time, climate change and urban expansion is predicted to reduce the area of arable land by up to 41%. Expanding agriculture into areas currently not used for a...

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TwoFold - Predictive and Detective Disease Management System

Australia is the food bowl of the southern hemisphere, and one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of grain. In the face of numerous diseases that limit productivity potential, farmers must ensure they use integrated management practices to sustain production. The Grains Research and D...

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Internet Of Ag

# Project Internet Of Ag (IoA) Our project aims to use data from publicly available IoT devices, such as air quality, humidity and temperature sensors from different regions in QLD; with a particular focus on Moreton Bay, since they've got established IoT infrastructure. This project combines ...

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Measure growth of vegetation using computer vision for farmers to work out where to move their cattle.

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Market sure

Market space is an app that will allow you to see all the information about the the food that you buy. There is a consumer app and a farmer app, the farmer app will allow you to check if fences are down via a drone which has a set course for it to follow and if you have lost some livestock it wi...

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IoT Orange Box

The Orange Box is a high-bandwidth, low-latency LTE IoT device. It enables exciting new applications, such as water quality monitoring using a fleet of remotely-controlled boats in the Murray-Darling Basin.

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