Team Projects for Competition 2018

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Project Team Location
#NewAustraliaDay NT BBQ Movement Alice Springs
#qldanzac BigDataBuddies Remote VIC
A Taxing Problem Nostradata Canberra
A story of cables and cars Dazed and Confused Sunshine Coast (USC)
A+ Search Datacake Sydney
ATO Tax Help Centres FutureSight Canberra
Academic Connect I'm Learnding Sunshine Coast (USC)
Age-Friendly Canberra Project 77 Canberra
AgriInsur AgriInsur Sydney
AiTO SchrodingersHack Gold Coast
Alice Solar Homes SolarAS Alice Springs
Anchor Anchor Melbourne
Anzen Drive Team Drop Table Canberra
Aug Data My City Gold Coast
Aussie Animal Scavenger Hunt Fellowship Rocketship Milksteak Convoke Brisbane
Baby Namer-er Platypuce Productions Campbelltown
Backpackers App Solid Adelaide
Beat The Heat Crisp4Good Sydney
Beautiful Infringements Null VRiables Canberra
Big Backyard G.E.O. Janes Launceston
BinChicken - Making Australia Clean Again I adopted a puppy today but I'm still here hacking Melbourne
BinHunter BinHunters Hobart
BizX - Business Transformed DXC Technology Canberra
Boast Your Coast A Nice Well Behaved Cheese 🧀 Brisbane
Boundless connections In time Melbourne
Bubbles Team TeamTeam Sydney
Bus' A Move Digital Bureaucrats Adelaide
Canberra Business Ninja Team 36 Canberra
Car park unknown. Unlucky Magician Casey
Care Gov (beta) Oakton Canberra
Casey's Blood on the Road The Kwelamen Casey
Chain IP Team Cabanossi Sydney
Chatabout Joscar Toowoomba
Clean city Team 200 Sunshine Coast (USC)
Climactic Climatic Sydney
Community Skin Health Altis Canberra Canberra
Congestion Management System The Hackermen Sunshine Coast (USC)
Connected - Councils Connecting Community Just We Three Mount Gambier
Correlation Explorer I adopted a puppy today but I'm still here hacking Melbourne
CouncilPlus The Codefather Sydney
Crashboard as.numeric Casey
CrowdQuests Happy Goats Launceston
Crowdsourcing data audits Happy Goats Sydney
Ctrl-Access Team 41 Melbourne
Cutting the Queues Weekend warriors Sunshine Coast (USC)
Cykel #overachievers52 Melbourne
DON'T PANIC! Team 42 Canberra
Data 88 88 Sydney
Data Analysis in Cold Blood The Kwelamen Melbourne
Data Science for Everyone Team 193 Casey
Data enabled health and welfare We R Adelaide
DataStat Our website brings all the data to the yard Sunshine Coast (USC)
Dedupe me TinyIdeas 💡 Remote VIC
DiscoVR Technotelecomnicon Brisbane
Discover Darwin Four 21 Darwin
Discover Melbourne AR #overachievers52 Melbourne
Don't Make Me Wait Lucky Shot Sydney
E-Thos Team 242 Canberra
EasyBiz ARVIS Melbourne
EasyBuzz Parking MelbourneGo Melbourne
Emergency Data Response TechPreppers Melbourne
Empowered Communities Technovators Adelaide
EnVisible City Live+Smart Lab Wyndham
Everyday Active Death Clock Darwin
Expose: Show us your data Expose: Show us your data Adelaide
FaceMap IDeEA lab Wyndham
Fail-a-corn The Real Slim Shady Sunshine Coast (USC)
Feel the Burn! No GovHack for Old Men Launceston
FirstResponders FirstResponders Remote SA
From Global Climate Change to Future Ocean: Geospatial Local and Nonlinear Impacts of Ocean Flows and Human Activities on the Ocean Climate and Environment, and Spatiotemporal Decision Making for Marine Ecosystems Future Ocean Perth
GCLink GCLink Gold Coast
Game of Throwns Litter Louts Melbourne
Geoffrey, Your Friendly Property Safety Adviser ChatBot LiveTiles Team B Hobart
Get Active Get Active USC Sunshine Coast (USC)
Go Go Tax (GovTax) Go Go GovHackers - Tax Melbourne
Go Now App The Uncivil Engineers Sunshine Coast (USC)
GoGoViz JNA Mobile Ballarat
GovCMS Data Visualisation Team Marika Sydney
GovHack Team Test Project GovHack Team Test Project Brisbane
GovLeave Healthy Australia Gold Coast
Grants Genie Grant Gurus Canberra
Hacking fish Utas fisher Launceston
Happy Parking! Pakers Melbourne
Having a go First Timers Canberra
Health + Team 346 Albany
Health-Hack Running on Caffeine Sunshine Coast (USC)
HealthLink HealthLink Sydney
Healthy Communities - Fitness and Community Portal Unafraid of the dark web Sunshine Coast (USC)
Historial Mirror Team Strawberry Brisbane
IP-identity Blockheads Canberra
Illuminating the Night Amaltr Remote VIC
InSolve the Insolvable InSolve the Insolvable Rockhampton
Insolved Hard Pivot Sydney
Insolvency Risk Profiler Insolvency Oracle Canberra
Insolvency, Facts vs Spin Altis Canberra Canberra
Insolvit Team insolvit Melbourne
J.A.G ImEmployable Launceston
Joe's Adventure Askar and Sebastian Brisbane
KickStart-Up mbae Sydney
Litter Race CaseyCoder Toowoomba
Litter in the waterways poster Team 331 Toowoomba
Little Rubbish Data Junkies Rockhampton
Location Data Search Locate Data Brisbane
Machine Learning Pengunz Albany
Make A Move Motley Crue Perth
Make Melbourne Great Again Small Data team Melbourne
Map it your Way! Engine C6 Adelaide
Marauders App Codefefe Melbourne
Markdown SeniorSavers Rockhampton
Melbourne: Now and Then Team 106 Wyndham
Migration Blues Migration Blues Launceston
My Local School My Local School Wyndham
My MP Zero c00l Melbourne
My Two Cents Fighting Mongooses Sydney
My local story Team 101 Melbourne
MyAustralia The Outsiders Wyndham
MyBiz MyBiz Melbourne
MyCity B&C Canberra
MyGov Connect Greatest Hits of of '89 & '91 Melbourne
NFCup Bridge Builders Guide To The Galaxy Mount Gambier
New age Business 0pt1c N3t Mount Gambier
NoosaHydro NoosaHydro Sunshine Coast (Peregian Digital Hub)
Notice Always O(n) Canberra
OneGov - ID Go Go GovHackers - OneGov Melbourne
OneGov - IP Go Go GovHackers - IP Melbourne
Open Data portal Nobody Darwin
Orana Welcome Home TubeLights Melbourne
Our Envrionmental Impact IWasTheOnlyYouth Wyndham
Our Place The Casuals Brisbane
Our Stories Jimmy and even more insignifacants Mount Gambier
Pay It Forward HutSix Alice Springs
People's Budget Tiny Happy People Hacking Canberra
Personalised Health Care Made Easy Health Hackers Remote NT
Pikachu Team Rocket Melbourne
Placeholder Team Placeholder Sydney
Plastic Pollution's Affect on Marine Life Data Spuds Mount Gambier
Presolvent Presolvent Sydney
Project 139 Mr A. C. G. Drake Hobart
Project 252 Team 252 Canberra
Project 268 Team 268 Sunshine Coast (Peregian Digital Hub)
Project 323 Cero Wyndham
Project 337 Team 337 Ballarat
Project 342 Byte Me! Albany
Project 409 Team 409 Darwin
Project 4680 HackGladstone Gladstone
Project 67 Team 67 Brisbane
Project Airscape Team Airscape Albany
Project Arc The Ogrelords Rockhampton
Project Foothpath Immerzed Wyndham
Project Glad You Bot It Up Six to Fix Parramatta/ Liverpool
Project HackYeah 2018! HackYeah2018! Canberra
Project Road Federation University Casey
Project X Tech Monkeys Albany
Project X-chatbot Team UTS MDSI -Chatbot Sydney
QLD Government Service transaction Behaviour and Preference Discovery Team So Good Brisbane
Quick Safe 4 Stooges Mount Gambier
ReComp #overachievers52 Melbourne
Ready Aim Fire Ready Aim Fire Adelaide
Recyclable Griffith Innovate: Recyclable Gold Coast
Reloqtr Team RGB(255,0,0) Canberra
Remember When Remember Team Perth
ResourceUs ResourceUs Sydney
Responder oghacks Brisbane
SafeACT Team Erikgen Canberra
SafeCasey CaseyTransformers Wyndham
SafeCity JellyBeanTesters Melbourne
Safer Evacuations Tiny Happy People Hacking Canberra
Safety Net #overachievers52 Melbourne
Save life with data Team 273 Melbourne
Save lives with Data Nobody Darwin
Scammy Box of Nerds Melbourne
Searching to Build LifeSavers Sunshine Coast (USC)
Secure your future Big Orange Brain Melbourne
See the sea L.E.S.S. is more 2 Mount Gambier
SeeChange Hack aPEEL Mandurah
Shaping Australian Stories TeamX Sydney
Smart Ways to Live The Capricorn Four Rockhampton
Smart parking If there's time Darwin
SmartArt One of Many Mount Gambier
SoloNav Insight Hackers Casey
Solving Insolvencies DataCake Sydney
Space Project Proposal KinderGeek Mount Gambier
SparkLife Giraffii Canberra
Spatial Team UTS MDS Spatial Sydney
Storytelling in 3D HyperSphere Brisbane
Street Safe Coders Unite Ballarat
TAX Mate Tartans-AU Adelaide
Take Me Anywhere Error 417: Expectation Failed Brisbane
Tax (Help) Optimisation The Hellish kangaroos Brisbane
Tax Help Helper Team 304 Brisbane
TaxHelpCenter AI Tax Enthusiasts Canberra
Team Go Get It PreventLitterforBetterFuture Brisbane Youth
The Australia Game Work In Progress Ballarat
The Darwin Heatsync Project Heat Syncs Darwin
The Four Musketeers The Four Musketeers Sydney
The Hecs prize - Bounty: Industry meets Academia Jurisdiction: Australia Hecs prize Toowoomba
The Next Busker Shooting Unicorns Melbourne
The Papa Project - Helping Oldies be Goldies TeamYFam Wyndham
The Spirit Lives Living Spirit Brisbane
The Wild Australia CloudBench Parramatta/ Liverpool
The mystery of history L.E.S.S. is more 1 Mount Gambier
This Place This Place Sydney
To Employ or Not To Employ Potato = Not Potato Casey
Top Trunk Team Hackers Ballarat
Trailen ElectronicallyE Adelaide
Trash 4 Cash McDumplin' Gold Coast
Trash Talk RoboRoyals Sunshine Coast (USC)
Trendhound DIISplay Canberra
Umbrella SciSearch Umbrella Brisbane
Uno Uno Future Adelaide
Urban Hob·art Project Art Hobart
Vic Navi The Interesting Company Melbourne
Virtual Emergency Management Null VRiables Canberra
Vision Vision Melbourne
Walk Launceston Wumble Bumbles Launceston
Walk Melbourne AR TinyIdeas💡 Remote VIC
Watch Out What's About? Data @ Heart Sydney
Way 2 school of your choice We R - IIBIT Adelaide
Weather Intelligence Solutions Team Outliers Adelaide
Weather To Go Team 18 Sydney
Weather2Go YCY Brisbane
WeatherWizard Team 8 Sunshine Coast (USC)
Where Can? Battlerz Melbourne
Where the Peeps Team 347 Canberra
WynOverTraffic Transformers Wyndham
WynTeleSmart TeleSmart Melbourne
Wynbus Wynners Wyndham
Xtra Jobs XTRA Adelaide
Yerrabi data d00ds Canberra
Your Local Council Team 180 Melbourne
YourATO TaxTransformers Wyndham
alitternation alitternation Brisbane
atofeedback atofeedback Adelaide
bVocal Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Hobart
disintergrating wrappers Alex Toowoomba
iBINs GovHackMyself Sunshine Coast (USC)
inSOLVEncy Dmitry's Angels Townsville
micents micents Melbourne
nSPAM Team MCA Casey
project.JNav Job Nav Mount Gambier
“Backwards and Forwards”- South Australia Edition Bachmanns and Fulwoods Mount Gambier
👟 Active Cities 👟 🚶‍♀️ Active Aces 🚶‍♂️ Darwin