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Hello everyone Welcome to project "Work Ready" from Team Scorpio. This project is directly aimed at addressing Youth Employment and upskilling for the digital future of the post Covid world. We have harnessed data sets from various public domain and reliable sources including Australian Burea...

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Level Up

Human beings are a social species. We reply on cooperation to survive. We are wired to connect...and it feels good to be part of team. To contribute to our community and serve our purpose. Having a job opens up all of these opportunities for us. Being engaged in work allows us to meet new people...

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Safe Passage - The road to safer travel

Safe Passage is an interactive website to be used as a tool to analyse crash data and highlight crash hotspot locations by enabling the use of filters to sort the collated data by location and crash severity. The website enables the user to input a region, suburb, postcode, or road name and v...

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Agito App

Agito app is an Android (and future iOS) App that empowers you to make a more informed decision on whether it’s a WFO or WFH day in the new COVID normal world. By using open APIs to showcase COVID-19 data, exposure sites, weather updates and crowd density data, Agito helps you decide the best mod...

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The COVID 19 pandemic proved that the status quo of working onsite was not necessary for everyone, and as a result public transport commuter numbers took a dive. In the ACT the numbers dipped, but they didn't die, demonstrating that public transport is still valid in modern Australia and necessar...

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Public transport hub PTV re-imagined

A sustainable & optimized way of public transport co-existing with personal transport, is the need of the hour - to reduce carbon emissions - to make travel safer during pandemic - to determine & encourage more people to use public transport / walk (where ever possible) In new normal more p...

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