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Project Clover

Our app is designed to be a tool for the common citizen of all ages to use to report any issues in a public area to the government which would make it easier for the government to resolve these issues. For example, if there was an overflowing bin somewhere someone from the general public would be...

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Covid Safe Data APP

What is the Covid Safe Data APP: Covid Safe Data's goal is to inform people with simple data and give a platform for businesses to reach out into the community. It uses geodata as well as community review data to help bring down the anxiety we all feel while under restrictions. It is attem...

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Out and About

This mobile game uses the latest and greatest in Augmented Reality, Geolocation and AI technology to design a treasure hunt in your local area – tailored just for you! Created with extensive user research, the game makes broad use of open government data build up a huge database of special lo...

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Community.Ly: Better, Activated Public Spaces

With communityly, we provide a new way of looking at our public spaces. It provides advanced analytics to monitor aspects such as accessibility of public spaces, Crime rates within the community and their relationship with the types of available public spaces in the region. It sources public...

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Project Future after major disaster

Road to Recovery Public Spaces, build confidence in community to use public spaces to support economic, social, cultural and environmental recovery after major disaster events like Covid -19, Bushfires, Flood. Project for NSW Government Planning, Industry and Environment.

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# Our green urban spaces are important - let's make the most of them Over the COVID-19 situation, and the imminent risk that Climate Change poses to Australia, the impact of public and natural places on the quality life has become evident. Associating benefits such as mental health, temperatur...

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Planning and Recommendation System

• COVID-19 has closed borders, reversed globalisation, decoupled supply chains, and marginalised multilateral institutions. • There is a massive wave of Covid infection, and no one is sure for how long this situation is going to continue • Planning departments across the world are struggling to...

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We developed Wandertrust, a system to encourage and improve access to public spaces. This is proof of concept at the moment, with initial data aggregation and processing, and a placeholder app and website. For more information check: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yT3qTYFumr6b-ArLg5mb-29...

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Where to BBQ?

Locations of BBQs in the ACT and their surrounding amenities

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A Proposed Accessibility Score to Aid Public Spaces and Infrastructure Planning

Planning the use of finite spaces within our communities should always consider sustainable use. Thus, before anything is built, re-purposed, or revitalised, first we ask: how many people are already in the area, and how much more will it add? Then we consider the mobility of people. How will...

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Challenging Times

![image](https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=116Jvhn6CU_ROdvBM6ypqiRKXhA5v0zav) # Challenging Times ## Making memories for challenging times The world has changed in the last 18months, and it’s been hard! Our movements have been largely restricted to the areas that we live in, and the ...

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Project Open Spaces

Open spaces is a data and intelligence driven story to capture the ways to improve and create more and engaging public spaces around us. Open and public spaces appear in various forms and the decision to create a particular type of space is a rather complex one. Various factors like health pro...

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