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Air, Weather and Tree status

Toilets location

Road congestion status

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Tree Canopies 2016 (Urban Forest)

Description of Use: Count as a feature of calculating scores of different outgoing methods. More trees on the road will make it higher for walking.

Data Set

Air quality

Description of Use: To be used as a feature to calculate the scores of different outgoing methods.

Data Set

Wheelchair-accessible public toilets

Description of Use: To show the location of such toilets for people have requirements

Data Set

Pedestrian volume

Description of Use: Based foot traffic data, provide suggestion for user who going out on foot.

Data Set

On-street Parking Bay Sensors

Description of Use: Determine parking availability of user's destination.

Data Set

Sensor readings, with temperature, light, humidity every 5 minutes at 8 locations

Description of Use: Use temperature and light information to help route optimization

Data Set


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