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Trailen is an app, connecting those who know history with those who want to know about the history. From city to country, Trailen provides networking opportunities for both locals and tourists, allowing them to be educated orally about where they are face to face. Adelaide, South Australia and Australia have a rich and vivid history which is right below our feet, providing an opportunity for people to get outside, get active and learn. Why sit behind a screen learning about history when you can witness and experience it for yourself?

Users of the app are able to connect with others in addition to sharing recent discoveries made personally or via the government datasets. This provides an extension to the joint exploration and educational aspect, with such data being able to be fed back to historical datasets of government and council for increased detail and information.

Educational facilities including schools can also use the application for study and excursions. Teachers and students can discover locations in close proximity to their school for practical and physical learning opportunities.

Data Story

Trailen uses two major dataset types as the backbone for its functionality, these being historical data and school zones.

The historical data is a basis for the information present in the application. This data is used for:
• Brief explanations – A summary of the locations and important information
• Photos – Visual examples of the locations throughout time
• Locations – Coordinates and addresses, allowing visiting opportunities

This data is used in conjunction with that which is user submitted, filling in gaps present in government datasets due to the obscurity or lack of relevancy to government departments.

By combining school zoning data, with historical locations, teachers and students are able know of locations which are in close proximity to the school. This allows learning opportunities outside of the classroom environment in the local community, engaging classrooms with historians and the past. It also assists to teach them about the very place they, work, live and play.

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Team DataSets

SARIG – All mines and mineral deposits

Description of Use: The data from SARIG is used to provide information to users about anything to do with mining and quarrying. The historical files also provide users an insight into what a location was once used for and how that may have affected the area in which they live or are at today.

Data Set

SA History Hub

Description of Use: The “Historical Places” file is used as a resource for users of application. The extensive data present in it provides a strong base for locals, tourists and historians to be educated about their surroundings on top of the primary networking approach of the application. The coordinates present in this dataset also provide information to end users about where the locations of these places are and the distance they are from their current position.

Data Set

South Australian Photographs

Description of Use: The building photographs present in this dataset provide additional visuals for users of application. This data will be combined with that which is user submitted which can be provided back to governments and councils for more expansive datasets.

Data Set

Historic Photos of Adelaide

Description of Use: This dataset provides the visual historical data backbone for users of Trailen. It gives users the opportunity to view and share between each other locations of interest and look into the past at what something was. The information present will be combined with user submitted data and has the possibility of being complied and fed back to both councils and governments.

Data Set

School Zones for South Australia Government High Schools 2018

Description of Use: Within the metropolitan area, the school zone intake area is a strong indication as to the area which students and local residents would identify as “nearby”. By integrating this data with historical locations, it is able to be determined historic places which are close to schools, that teachers and students would consider local and accessible.

Data Set


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