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Marking 100 years since our involvement in the First World War, the Anzac Centenary is a time to honour the service and sacrifice of our original ANZAC. By using machine learning for colourising and 3D modelling portraits, we bring life to the past. "The Spirit Lives".

Our application allows users to choose a portrait from the State Library of Queensland's datasets and automatically colourises it and displays a 3D model. The web application is used like any other website and is very intuitive for users of all ages. The back-end of the application is where all the magic happens. We have trained a machine learning model to independently colourise images without any human assistance and the 3D model of the soldier is created from an open-source repository.

Data Story

Our vision for this project is to bring life back to the past so that we can reconnect Australians of today with our history and commemorate those who fought for the lives we live today.

How can we achieve this? We knew that we had tens of thousands of digitised images from the State Library of Queensland and we know that people of today are exposed to new technologies such as colour photography and 3D imagery. So we put these two things together.

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Team DataSets

State Library of Queensland - Portraits of WW1 soldiers from the Australasian Traveller

Description of Use: We used this photographs in this dataset for colourising and 3D modelling.

Data Set

State Library of Queensland - Photographs 1914-1918

Description of Use: We used the photographs for colourising and 3D modelling.

Data Set


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