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The project explores how solar panels can be used on council land to help home renters take advantage of PV electricity production. Additional benefits include expanding shade in the city through the construction of new parking shelters. We also show how a Smart Parking app can be integrated into the solar infrastructure to make parking in the city easier.

Data Story

Our project is a one-stop shop for:
-Helping renters take advantage of the benefits of solar power
-Improving public infrastructure while cooling things down
-Improving quality of living by reducing driving times and easing traffic congestion

We used data from the ABS, BOM, Alice and Darwin councils and the utilities commission to determine the solar energy potential for Alice Springs and Darwin. This data can also be combined with parking data to demonstrate possible locations for future solar panel installations.

Evidence of Work



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Team DataSets


Description of Use: Used it to determine the percentage of renters vs homeowners in the NT

Data Set


Description of Use: Used website to determine daily global solar exposure for Alice Springs and Darwin compared to other capital cities.

Data Set

Utilities Commission

Description of Use: Used data in report to determine mean annual energy consumption of Alice Springs residents.

Data Set

Sunny Portal

Description of Use: Used the data to demonstrate the amount of potential electricity that can be generated by installing solar panels on council owned property.

Data Set

City of Darwin Open Data Hub

Description of Use: Used the data to locate parking locations across Darwin to use in a parking assistance app.

Data Set


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