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Big Orange Brain is a team of two, with software engineering backgrounds and a keen interest in open data.

Our aim for this year's GovHack was to uncover insights into better utilisation of our labour market that the Department of Jobs and Small Business will hopefully find valuable.

Data Story

Datamining the Employment Fund, Job placements and Employment projections data resulted in two key outputs:
1) the opportunity to connect Job-seekers who were previously self-employed to those seeking establish a small business
2) developing a lo-fidelity digital prototype that allows any job seeker to identify where there is demand for their current skill set, and whether this is a growing or diminshig industry.

The prototype can be found via the homepage link below.

If you have any feedback please feel free to add your comments on our Video link below.

Evidence of Work



Team DataSets

Insights for Job Placements

Data Set

Job Placements

Description of Use: Used this dataset for creating a cross-reference to job seekers and the skill set. Also to uncover previously unknown insights.

Data Set

Employment Fund

Description of Use: Used the Employment Fund dataset to cross-reference linked job seekers and their skill set to data mine for search keywords.

Data Set

Employment Projections

Description of Use: Key dataset for job growth forecast by state and industry sector (to be used in the mapping assets).

Data Set

Vacancy Report

Description of Use: Used for analysis at the state level.

Data Set


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