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Project Description

Create web app which visualizes the locations of safety data, cctv and public lighting, receives warnings and feedback to be sent to authorities, and features a distress signal function.

Data Story

Ballarat Public Lighting
Get exact locations of public lighting to then further classify if the location will most probably be well lit or not.

Ballarat Right to the Night
Analise survey results done by the people in Ballarat.
Find locations where people find safe and unsafe and plot it on the map.
Find keywords used by users by describing an unsafe location.

Ballarat CCTV Cameras
Mark locations with CCTV

Evidence of Work


Team DataSets

Ballarat Public Lighting

Data Set

Download Right to the Night.csv

Description of Use: Mark down on the map, data visualization

Data Set

Ballarat CCTV Cameras CSV

Description of Use: Marked on the map

Data Set


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