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When there’s a bushfire coming, you and your family's survival will depend on how prepared you are, and the decisions you make.
People who prepare their homes for bushfire season and practice their survival plans understand what works and are most likely to survive.
Most people who die in bushfires die leaving their homes at the last moment.
Prior Prevention Prevents Panic. Ready, aim, fire!

Data Story

Starts with the data in the CFS 5 Minute Plan which populates the app.

Gamification prompts are driven by conditions and timing primarily, along with the spatial data.

Emergency triggers and warnings of increased risk would be driven by EPA air quality data, Geoscience Australia Sentinel satellite IR data and BOM forecasting in addition to existing CFS notifications. Sentiment analysis of social media and news feeds could be used to provide less prominent informational messages.

In an emergency, the process to determine the optimal place to evacuate will include risk data that are a composite of known fire danger (BOM dataset), weather (BOM dataset), topography (OpenStreeMaps dataset), road works (DPTI dataset). Thus, a shorter riskier route would be deprioritized versus a longer safer route.

Evidence of Work



Team DataSets

BOM forecast

Description of Use: Needed to determine likely behaviour of a fire to better plan escape routes and estimate fire arrival time/intensity

Data Set

road crashes

Description of Use: important for calculating best route to safety when evacuating

Data Set

CFS last resort refuges

Data Set


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