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A toolchain to produce customised maps for loading into a Garmin GPS for specialised uses. An example is provided for the CFS to use as a replacement/supplement to existing Emergency Services Map Book and Group Response Plans.

Data Story

8 OpenStreetMap is the core data providing the basemap (Worldwide) that allows routing, town names, address lookup and so on
* Relevant (public) data is incorporated into OpenStreetMap (or simply validated)
* Private data is mapped and saved locally
* A script is then run to download the wanted area from OpenStreetMap and transform it into the desired "look" using customised styling rules.

Evidence of Work


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Team DataSets


Description of Use: Cross checked agains OpenStreetMap and sample Emergency Map Book page to ensure they all line up.

Data Set

Emergency Services

Description of Use: Use for validating data in OpenStreetMap and from CFS Promotions Unit

Data Set

South Australian Country Fire Service Promotions Unit

Description of Use: Use for validating and improving data in OpenStreetMap that is loaded into the project

Data Set


Description of Use: Base mapping which is loaded into Garmin unit.

Data Set


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