Machine Learning

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Project Description

Hi, we are the pengunz and our project encompasses three Govhack challenges relating to the implementation of machine learning algorithms into data-sets to better achieve results.

Machine learning is the use of a variety of algorithms to conduct in-depth analysis of data-sets to fit specific requests. Machine learning is effective in finding patterns in data to better understand the cause of data outcomes.

To demonstrate a practical application for this we come to our first issued challenge: Helping to predict non-compliance in the personal insolvency system.

Data Story

We collected data from the ATO and the AFSA and used Microsoft Azure to develop methods of utilising machine learning algorithms to better use and organise the data.


Team DataSets

Bankruptcy Data from the bank

Description of Use: This is a data set for our AI

Data Set

ATO GovHack Data

Description of Use: Which we will put into our AI

Data Set


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