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Can we construct a clean, fault-tolerent, distributed, borderless, IP ledger?

Yes we can! But wait, there\'s more! This decentralized database inherently will not allow duplicates. Such an application is mathematically invalid and will not succeed. With blockchain, we have solved the issue of duplication transparently and provided added benefits too. In addition, we have implemented a persistance layer between the blockchain and the user that allows the ability for any user to retrieve blockchain verified IP records from the their web browser.

Our solution

We will implement de-duplication and checking functionality using Levenshtein Distance to quantify string simmilarity and providing an expert driven interface to check the results.

Our blockchain solution will be a smartcontract implemented on the EOSIO platform. Our aim is to provide a platform for internationally open and accessible IP records, where the smartcontract enforces de-duplication of records and verification. The contract will also feature user permissions such that IP agencies can audit and update records where necessary.

The final key benefit that our platform offers over traditional solutions, is that it is truly borderless. International IP authorities and stakeholders can interact with the database in a way that is trustfree, secure, and globalised.

Data Story

We thought, why not decentralize the work of deduplication too?

When applicants come to register, we have implemented a similarity score using the "Levenshtein Distance" to records in the existing database. Users can then make sure they select the right information. This is an expert driven solution that will not only help deduplicate data, but also assist in the migration to the blockchain.

Evidence of Work



Team DataSets

GovHack 2018 IP Australia

Description of Use: We used this dataset to provide fuzzy searching and referencing against existing applicants that were serialized classically i.e. not on the blockchain where duplication is inherently solved and verification guaranteed.

Data Set


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