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Project Description

Our project aims to make it easier for and organisations (specifically the ATO) to target underutilized locations to set up their business (or tax help centre).

Data Story

We used live parking sensor data from City of Melbourne to discover areas that have lots of available parking, and combined this with ATO's data to show available parking in postcodes alongside demand for ATO tax help in each postcode (using number of people in 2021 (as determined by a linear regression on past years) who will be earning $1 - $2000 per fortnight as an indicator of demand).

Evidence of Work



Team DataSets

postcodes/ city of Melbourne open data

Description of Use: Used to spatially join sensor data to postcode so that it could be combined with ATO tax help centre by postcode dataset

Data Set

on-street parking data- city of Melbourne

Description of Use: Periodically collected to determine areas of city that are underutilized

Data Set

Australia Taxation Office Gov Hack 2018

Data Set


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