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Created a image classifying application to enable users to interact with a pre-trained model which gave them guidance on possible skin conditions. The application is designed to supplement existing government data sets to get valuable insights on community health trends. It also allows the community to engage more actively with the government using a medium they are already very familiar with.

Data Story

Using IOT devices is a smart way to gather data from users to build up a accurate data set. Combining this with AI and other pre-existing data-sets allows for all sorts of possible discoveries regarding data correlations. For example combining our data with sets from the bureau of meteorology or ABS occupation data could lead to new insights regarding environmental factors and community skin health.

Evidence of Work



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Team DataSets

SkinCondition App

Description of Use: The device interacts with the user and collects data to be used and compared to other data sources.

Data Set

Historical weather observations and statistics, Bureau of Meteorology

Description of Use: We used the UV statistics from these weather observations to find correlations between reported cases of skin conditions and the recorded weather observations at the same time.

Data Set

International Skin Imaging Collaboration (“ISIC”) Public Image Dataset

Data Set

ACT Govt - ACT Selected Cancer incidence and mortalityHealth Sep 2018

Description of Use: Compares reported skin condition cases to other environmental factors yearly over the last 20+ years.

Data Set


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