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Project Description supports young carers to meet their responsibilities and build community whilst telling their story to government and service providers.

Data Story

During initial investigations we found we were unable to find quality information about young carers within the ACT. This meant we were required to access information from Department of Social Service, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, National Disability Insurance Scheme and Carers ACT websites in order to build a picture of the people we were interested in.
We decided to create a service that would consume what data we did find and help capture and populate the information that was sorely missing. By combining multiple services currently spread across numerous departments we are able to pull together a clear picture about how young carers are actively using services available to them. One such example was there was no information on how young a person may start to care to how long they might care for. By using the average age someone may live to, the age people become parents and the reduction in life span based on certain conditions, we were able to estimate how long carers may be in the role for.
By giving people the ability to actively report how they are using certain services, government can see real time information about how and what young carers are accessing based on their individual needs. Information such as how much carers need to contribute personally to care services, where NDIS money is being spent, and how young carers are coping is data that can be invaluable to helping policy decisions.
CARE is not only about using what data we could find to tell the story, but aims to highlight the gap in data that is currently available. CARE provides not only a helpful service to carers, but allows high quality real time data to enable government decisions.

Evidence of Work



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Team DataSets

National and ACT Dashboard Information for NDIS

Description of Use: Information about the families of people who require full time care and assistance from the NDIS

Data Set

Carers ACT

Description of Use: Used text based information from the webpage to help create profiles of young people caring in ACT

Data Set

List of Service Providers

Description of Use: Used to populate information for searches within application

Data Set

Leading causes of total burden of disease

Description of Use: Understand how long carer givers will support their care recipient, when combined with average life expectancy and average age at which people become parents, can approximate the time young carers will start providing care, and for approximately how long.

Data Set

Australian Census - longitudinal dataset - unpaid assistance

Description of Use: Understand total number of young care-giver on census night. Comparing number of people between 15 and 24 who said they provided unpaid care with DSS information

Data Set

DSS payment data demographic

Description of Use: Identify how many young care givers across Australia and Canberra and the disabilities of their care recipients

Data Set

Life Expectancy by sex ACT and Australia

Description of Use: Understand the standard life-expectancy of Canberrans and in combination with the burden of disease information estimate life-expectancy of care recipients

Data Set

Socio-Economic Index for Individuals

Description of Use: Understand the socio-economic environment that you care-givers live in

Data Set


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