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Unlocking the value in open data and using it to drive social and economic value by helping entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses start, grow, employ and thrive!

Access to freely available open data is key to entrepreneurs and small business owners overcoming the frustrations of an ever more competitive market. This issue is particularly close to our hearts as more jobs are outsourced offshore and unemployment rates rise, we want to help people find alternate ways of working and open new pathways for self-employment in the ACT, and across Australia.

Our product is based on the below hypotheses:
We believe that the process for starting up a business is difficult and full of uncertainties, and a competitor environment combined with a lack of easily-available demographic data results in an uninformed decision-making environment for new and existing business.

We believe that for a business to grow and prosper into the future, an entrepreneur needs information regarding the right location to offer their service or sell their product. Informing new and existing business decision-making using open data is key to nurturing a low entry barrier environment for new and existing business.

Data Story

A Mile in Business Shoes – Helping businesses start, grow, employ and thrive.

We believe that for a business to grow and prosper into the future, an entrepreneur needs accurate, relevant and easily accessible location data. Re-using and combining G-NAF, ABS business, and ACT population datasets in several ways, we created a product that provides business viability ratings based on location, competitors and demographics, helping entrepreneurs to identify the best areas to start and grow a business.
Our users are everyday, ambitious Australians that want the challenges of setting up a business clarified. This platform also allows State and Federal government to re-use the exact same data to support skill migration, identifying missing skills and incentivising preferred suppliers.

Users can use BizX to help them identify the ideal location for their business by highlighting gaps in the market in their target areas.

Evidence of Work


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Team DataSets

ACT Occupation List February 2014

Description of Use: This data was used to analyse and inform the location-based business viability rating.

Data Set

GovHackATO - Gov Hack 2018

Description of Use: This dataset was used to collect demographic data for a sample of the total population to provide parameters for our business viability rating.

Data Set


Description of Use: We used this dataset to connect location datasets for postcode to suburb.

Data Set

ABS Stat

Description of Use: We created a new raw dataset from ABS.Stat data to demonstrate where businesses are registered in each suburb.

Data Set


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