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We absolutely love the Open Data movement. We are strong believers that we can collectively as a group make the right choices for our society and change positively the life of every citizen.
Even tough an incredible amount of data are publicly available it is still quite hard to find the right dataset in the right format with the relevant documentation.
We want to improve this situation and help to get closer to a simple and frictionless searching experience. This will accelerate innovative innovations and drive better decisions based on data

Data Story

We analysed the current version of search.gov.au and identify the key issues we want to solve in order to improve user experience.
We focused on implementing new features such as:
- autocomplete to suggest best keywords based on the initial inputs from the user
- dynamic results to provide relevant documents while the user is still typing his/her request
- single page application to help the user to focus on his/her query and get all the information he/she needs in one go
- mock-up of chatbot functionality to provide personalised assistance to the user

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