Online Farm Trials GovHack 2018 Data

Region: Australia

Description: Online Farm Trials (OFT) is a web based system that provides open and free access to on-farm, or field based, cropping research trial data and information. Interactive maps, searching and viewing tools are provided to enable quick and easy access to relevant information on a range of cropping topics, issues and methods. A [Grains Research and Development Corporation]( (GRDC) and [Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation]( collaboration, OFT hosts past and present research trials undertaken and contributed by a range of grower and farming systems groups, government researchers, universities and private industry throughout Australia. OFT offers a central online source of knowledge and information to support decision making, practice change and improvement of farm profitability. OFT has a collaborative approach through its engagement with grower groups, research organisations, agricultural experts and grain industry organisations. This ensures the outcomes are highly relevant, practical and beneficial for growers. OFT provides [support]( and [tools]( for researchers and organisations to digitise, upload, manage and publish their past and current trial information, data, documents and other digital content.


Team Projects Utilising Online Farm Trials GovHack 2018 Data

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