Thrive or survive: how can we adapt for the future?

Jurisdiction: Australia

What will Australia in 2050 look like?

What kind of environment will we need, and want? Using one or more CSIRO data sets, showcase how we will be able to build resilience for people and natural and built environments.

Eligibility: Must use one or more CSIRO datasets

Entry: Challenge entry is avilable to all teams in Australia.

Dataset Highlight

CSIRO datasets

Thrive or survive: how can we adapt for the future? image

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All Team Entries

Project Team Location
Ahead Above Water Ahead Above Water Brisbane
Burratown "data" Sydney
City'Cycle Manic Men Albany
CloseRanks powered by Resonance Sarox Hobart
CoolWalk Sydney Team 520 Sunshine Coast
Education WA 2050 Cyclops Fremantle
Energy Distribution for Resillience and Prosperity EDCRU - Energy and Data Crisis Response Unit Melbourne
eNLB - "The Future of AG" AgTech 2050 Peregian Beach
E-Park iWing Hobart
Freovision Tackle IT! Fremantle
GreenRoutes Mentally Friendly Sydney
H2GO ElectronicallyE Adelaide
H2O Hub RoboRoyals Sunshine Coast
Historical Agricultural Methodology Index [HAMI] Harold Holt Swim Team Mount Gambier
indigi : The Indigenous Language Learning App TheKelliFanClub Sunshine Coast
InstaPlace: Going Online for the Best of Offline. GSG Govhackers Albany
It’s Bin Long Enough. Elly and Lilli Mount Gambier
Jabiru the final frontier Mars attracts Darwin
Luminair Digital Thinks Adelaide
My Environment The Step Dads Sunshine Coast
My Place Awesomely Cool Rockhampton
Power Play H.A.C.M Mount Gambier
Project 891 Team 891 Geraldton
Project Splash! Green. Canberra
Project X BRKLYN Partners Adelaide
Quality Air Haxolotl Sunshine Coast
QWild Big Sunday Brisbane
Rain Drop Drop Top Brisbane
Ripple Effect Ripple Effect Melbourne
sqly-me Porretas Adelaide
The Power Spot Noosa Power Peregian Beach
Tidal Change There4 Sunshine Coast
V (We) R (Are) Fremantle Next Era Tech Fremantle
War on Water Waste GoWithTheFlow Brisbane
Waste:ED Noosa Waste Management Peregian Beach
Watergy Sydney
What Will We Look Like? Coder's Unite Ballarat
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow DataOpener Canberra

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