Rethinking mobility for a more accessible Hobart

Jurisdiction: Tasmania

Micromobility has the potential to reduce Hobart’s congestion. Given Hobart’s topography and location of residential and retail precincts, our challenge is to understand which micromobility vehicles, routes and nodes would be beneficial to making the city quicker to navigate for the largest number of vehicle types and transport users.

While active transport is very popular in Hobart, large numbers of very short car trips tend to congest the streets and lead to increasing demands for parking lanes. We want to understand the potential effect of micromobility technologies, most likely in the form of electric scooters available to hire on Hobart’s traffic density.

Data is available to describe topography, distance between Hobart’s retail precincts, population density, estimated numbers of car trips, number of available parking spots etc. Scooter hire companies will provide details of scooter power, speed, accessible gradients, battery life etc. From this and other available data it should be possible to map the city into scooter-accessible zones and create estimates of trip times in the city. It should also be possible to estimate what effect each micromobility trip will have in reducing both car movements and parking requirements in the city.

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Other relevant documents:
City of Hobart – Transport Strategy

Hobart 2010 Public Spaces and Public Life

Google maps traffic

TomTom Hobart Traffic
Scooter data
Any relevant scooter data from scooter companies

> Eligibility Use one or more datasets from City of Hobart (CoH) Open data portal and ensure the submission relates to micromobility in Hobart.

Entry: Challenge entry is available to all teams in Australia.

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City of Hobart - Contour 2m

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City of Hobart Playground Locations

City of Hobart - Open Space Parks

City of Hobart - Road Formation

City of Hobart - Street Lighting Assets

City of Hobart - Street Lighting Costs

City of Hobart - Street Lighting (sample data)

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