Physical Culture

Jurisdiction: South Australia

How might we better integrate our digital collections and datasets into our physical gallery, library, or museum spaces?

Eligibility: Must use at least 2 datasets from 2 separate institutions that make up the North Terrace Cultural Precinct Innovation Lab

Entry: Challenge entry is only available to teams in South Australia.

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Checkpoint 1 Checkpoint

KinderGeek - BoneStorm

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Team SAritage - SAritage

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Elly & Lilli - Once Upon A Crime.

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Artificially Intelligent - Interactive Culture

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Three's Not A Crowd - The Full Deck

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Harold Holt Swim Team - Historical Agricultural Methodology Index [HAMI]

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Checkpoint 2 Checkpoint

No team projects entered at this checkpoint.

Checkpoint 3 Checkpoint

Porretas - sqly-me

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Checkpoint 4 Checkpoint

ARCS - Mae

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Expósito - An Exposé Team - NICI

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