Open challenge benefits to the greater Launceston community

Jurisdiction: Tasmania

What is important to you in your community in the Launceston region? What can your technology do to help to make Launceston awesome? This is an open challenge so come up with something creative.

As stated in the Problem Statement, this is an open challenge with a focus on the Launceston region and community, it does not need to use City of Launceston Data specifically so be creative with your technology ideas to make Launceston awesome.

Eligibility: Your product has a focus on Launceston or the Launceston region

Entry: Challenge entry is only available to teams in Tasmania.

Dataset Highlight

ArcGIS REST Services Directory

Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN)

City of Launceston Open Data search - Libraries Tasmania Archives Series - Libraries Tasmania Digitised Archives

Northern Tasmania Region Community Profile

Tasmania Regional Profile

ArcGIS REST Services Directory

Open Street Map - Tasmania

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