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Jurisdiction: Western Australia

How can we make our community feel more welcoming to young people by bringing public and private infrastructure and recreation information together in a way that is easy to use and can help everyone find the information relevant to them?

This challenge aims to improve young people’s access to information about their community to make them feel more welcome and included. The winning entry will be a tool that any young person with a smart phone can use to plan their recreation time, plan their journey to and from and find out information about upcoming events and activities.

Drawing together information and highlighting data sets that need release/ collection to empower or solve this issue will be valuable.

Eligibility: Use any open dataset to support your entry.

Entry: Challenge entry is only available to teams in Western Australia.

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GSG Govhackers - InstaPlace: Going Online for the Best of Offline.

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Parachute 42 - BuddyUp

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Bright Minds - BizViz

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MALINGAring - Audio, meet Building

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