Most Tasmanian Commercial Benefit

Jurisdiction: Tasmania

How can we showcase Tasmanian Data, and create something that could go on to be Commercial success?

Create something, anything, that you believe could go on to have Commercial success. Must use Tasmanian Data in some form or another.

Eligibility: Must use Tasmanian data

Entry: Challenge entry is only available to teams in Tasmania.

Dataset Highlight

The List Tasmania

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Checkpoint 1 Checkpoint

iWing-Team 681 - iWing-Project 681

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Buzi Top Dogs - StartLink

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Team Grey - Housing Crisis

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Checkpoint 2 Checkpoint

iWing - E-Park

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Checkpoint 3 Checkpoint

LOL Historians - History Box

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UTAS MITS - Explore Launnie

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Team 939 - Tasmanian Monopoly game

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Checkpoint 4 Checkpoint

Sarox - CloseRanks powered by Resonance

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FishHack - Fish Go

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