Investing in Regions

Jurisdiction: South Australia

How might the Government prioritise its investment in regional South Australia for greatest regional development benefit?

Regional development incorporates social interactions, liveability (amenity, sporting opportunities, art and culture, events, access to services), economic growth (industry and business growth, diversity of industry, number and diversity of job opportunities).

The services provided and infrastructure available in a regional area are key factors in the liveability of a location. Whether an individual or a family wants to remain in a region or relocate there, and whether investors are attracted to a region, is often influenced by these factors.

If the Government gets smarter about how and where it invests in services and infrastructure, we can create big and lasting change for South Australia’s regions.

This challenge aims to develop new innovative ideas where data can be used to analyse which regional South Australian locations the Government should invest in to gain the greatest regional development benefits.

Datasets to Highlight
RDA Regional Profiles
Census data
Labour Force Data
Australian Digital Inclusion Index
ABS Jobs in Australia data set
Government data sets–road network, rail network, ports, SA Water network, Powernetworks
ABS Industry data sets
ABS Population data sets
IndustryAssociation Growth Plans

Eligibility: Use any open dataset to support your entry.

Entry: Challenge entry is only available to teams in South Australia.

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