🌟 Improving cost of living outcomes by using rules as code

Jurisdiction: New South Wales

Improve the NSW Government’s Cost of Living initiatives by designing a service using a coded rules engine.

We want to improve cost of living related outcomes for the residents of NSW.
Business logic and rulesets are the foundation of digital service design. Eligibility engines are manually coded to reflect government policy. When policies are changed, the eligibility application needs to be re-drafted to accommodate the policy change.
To improve this process, we want you to identify an opportunity to use or create a coded rules engine to deliver a Cost of Living service.

NSW government coded rules
NZ Smartstart

Eligibility: Teams must design a service that uses either the NSW Openfisca API (if they are utilising existing coded rules) or build an Openfisca API instance themselves if they are coding their own rules. Teams can choose any of the NSW government coded rules related to Cost of Living, or alternatively code some of their own rules/policies by choosing any that apply to NSW. An example of a service that is built using OpenFisca based coded rules is the NZ Smartstart, and the rules for the service can be seen at OpenFisca-Aotearoa.

Entry: Challenge entry is avilable to all teams in Australia.

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