🌟 Deliver better health outcomes for people living in remote areas

Jurisdiction: Northern Territory

Remote health services are challenging for both providers and patients.

Many chronic conditions exist: eye problems, kidney problems, and cancer problems. Many service
issues exist: expensive flights, insufficient health buses, retention and safety of isolated
health workers. Pick a health condition (any, even not mentioned), learn how that is
currently serviced remotely, and try to improve the process for all.

Further Information

Eligibility: Use of at least one data source from new NT Open Data portal

Entry: Challenge entry is avilable to all teams in Australia.

Dataset Highlight

NTG Open Data Portal

NT Data Portal - Health

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All Team Entries

Project Team Location
DrugSight Ryan Hill Albany
Project 10 LAN19 Darwin
Remote Beat Dharray dharray Darwin
Revealing Data Spatial_Specs Darwin

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