Data-driven decisions for improved disaster planning, management or recovery

Jurisdiction: Australia

How might we equip decision makers with a data driven tool to support their communities in the face of climate change and natural disasters.

Australia is exposed to natural disasters on a regular basis, and the cost to society, the environment and government is substantial. It is increasingly recognised that Australia needs systemic change in the way it deals with natural disasters. This was seen firsthand during the recent Black Summer bushfires, with a recent study estimating that over 3.5 billion animals may have been impacted and climate change predicted to continue to make many extreme events worse.

Strategies must be developed to resist, absorb, accommodate, recover and transform in the face of natural disasters and climate change, including the effects of longer, hotter, drier summers, coupled with changes to the frequency and severity of cyclones, fires, droughts and floods.

Through undertaking this challenge, you will enable communities to contribute to information flows and/or provide decision makers with the tools required to make more informed decisions on natural disaster planning, management and/or response strategies. You may also develop innovative solutions to inform communities, enabling them to more rapidly and effectively respond to the event and contribute to recovery efforts.

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> Eligibility Use CSIRO contributed data (from any platform).

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Dataset Highlight

Australian habitat image collection

Habitat condition data for Australia from expert elicitation

Extreme Water Levels for Australian Beaches using Empirical Equations for Shoreline Wave Setup

Reconstructed sea-surface heights for 1950 to 2001

Modelled seabed response to possible climate change scenarios over 50 years

Invasive plant species and climate change

Projections of coral bleaching risk in the Western Pacific under different levels sea surface temperature increases

Kakadu NESP drone photos data

Recent ecological change in Australia survey 2017

Atlas of Living Australia, aggregated biodiversity data points and associated information - Web service API

Animal Tracking Facility - Acoustic Tracking - Quality Controlled Detections (2007 -2017)

Decadal Forest Fire Danger Index (2006-2096)

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