🌟 Creating a clean city

Jurisdiction: Victoria

Our residents and businesses produce, consume, and dispose of waste every day. Many residents are unaware of what happens to their waste once it enters a bin or simply don't care. How might we use data to empower and educate our community about their waste?

We aspire to be a clean and clever city and want to ensure we don't waste one of our most valuable resource, our data.

With population growth comes an increased amount of waste being generated.
We need to support people to make smart choices at each step of the waste life cycle.

How can we paint a picture of the waste life cycle for our community using data?

Eligibility: Use atleast 1 City of Ballarat waste dataset from data.gov.au

Entry: Challenge entry is avilable to all teams in Australia.

Dataset Highlight

Data.gov.au - city of Ballarat

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Elly and Lilli - It’s Bin Long Enough.

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Keep The Kool Time (KTKT) - Water Aid

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Ripple Effect - Ripple Effect

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Helen's Angel's - Project Bowtie

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Deep Fried Brains - tell me a story

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govstory - govstory

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B&C - urTrash

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Team Enterprize - PFJ 2020

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Noosa Waste Management - Waste:ED

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Tessellate - Well Beeing

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AccoutureRockers - SwacchCity (Clean City)

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Manic Men - City'Cycle

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