🌟 Climate Change Issues in Hobart

Jurisdiction: Tasmania

What local climate change issues can you help solve or identify by integrating data sources?

What local climate change issues can you help solve or identify by integrating data sources?

To get you thinking:

  • What demographics are investing most in rooftop solar PV electricity generation in Hobart?
  • What is the solar potential of Hobart rooftops?
  • What are smart future thinking solutions to local energy generation and use?
  • How will future climate events such as coastal erosion, flooding, coastal inundation, heat and bushfires impact the built and natural environment?

Eligibility: Use one or more datasets from CoH Open data portal and ensure the submission relates to climate change issues in Hobart

Entry: Challenge entry is avilable to all teams in Australia.

Dataset Highlight

Energy use and generation:

LIST Cadastre and Administrative (Localities-Postcode):

ABS Estimates of Personal Income for Small Areas:

CoH Buildings

CoH Trees - Significant Tree Locations

CoH Trees - with Set ID

LIST Orthophotography 2019:

LIST Topography and Relief:

CoHFlood Zone mapping

CoHFlood Damage:

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