Bankruptcy – making it easier

Jurisdiction: Australia

This challenge aims to help us make it easier for people to tell us their income and assets when they become bankrupt.

The winning entry will help us to check this data. It will answer questions like: Is there other data besides ours on income and assets? Who are more likely to earn higher incomes or have assets, like houses or shares or savings? Can we use machine learning to use other data to predict income and assets?

Eligibility: Must use Attributes of insolvent debtors Dataset

Entry: Challenge entry is avilable to all teams in Australia.

Dataset Highlight

Attributes of insolvent debtors

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Alohomora - Bankruptcy – making it easier

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Rookie Hackers - Bankruptcy Prediction

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Caffeinated Pre-workout - The Easier Way Out

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Bankrupt or Not? - Bankrupt or Not?

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