DSS Payment Demographic Data for Young Carers

Region: Australia

Description: The DSS Payment Demographic Data for Young Carers provides a summary of the demographic profile of Carer Payment and Carer Allowance recipients aged under 25. The data contains recipient numbers by • Geographical location (State, Statistical Area 3 (SA3), remoteness) • Demographic: age, sex, Indigenous/non-Indigenous, partnership status and country of birth (COB) • Payment rate and duration on payment • Earnings • Care Receiver medical condition type Please note, to maintain privacy and machine readability of the data in a machine readable format, values of one to five have been rounded up to five; zero has been kept as zero. This data has been published to support the 2018 GovHack competition and is unlikely to be updated in future. Please direct any enquiries about this data to data.requests@dss.gov.au A machine readable file containing geographic breakdown by 2011 SA3 (https://data.gov.au/dataset/dss-young-carers-sa3_2011 ) has also been published for use in National Map.


Team Projects Utilising DSS Payment Demographic Data for Young Carers

Check back here at the start of the competition to see which team projects are utilising this data set.

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